Statistics of why to start Rocket Jump with Tristana!

These matches are not set at the most professional level. I will be truthful its Bronze! but I have played hundreds of hours up to 93k, But I set my play-style how also I want to wanted too to which is the shape, the speed of the game and when to take objectives of course; However, faster than most preferred. This is only a context to improve lower elo's chances of getting a better tier they wish to achieve 'Active finger tips recommended'. . I do have enough losses with this champion and without but before you 'Appeal to probability' I have played every champion I own, with 1555.6667 hours and even made a champion concept with 1,600 views! The name is 'Ave of the luminous void'! which leaves your imagination on open for mage in the story! But, you can honestly believe me; You, do not need to know all of them, just about 60-70 after that you understand this concept enough. respectively with 2-3 days each champion. I will give you my opinion and reasoning behind this simple start to improve one champions chances of winning games. . . Here are some for taking 'Rocket Jump'. -Significantly improves mobility. -Soft Crowd control when landing. -Shock and Aw effect / Blitz Krieg / Gorilla warfare. -Resetting jumps on assists and kills which adds to the damage potential. -possible multiple jumps thus multiple damage and crowd control thus increasing your teams chance of kills. -Taking Q or E makes you a stationary target relying solely on heal or flash and other players play style and champion abilities. -Jumping into a jungle with allies assists in fight or flight mechanism in your team mates, usefully a good assassin will cause your team to engage. -Tristana's jump is one of the longest distances to travel thus making the crowd control one of the longest as well however, risky but 'FUN'. . . . * High Elo players see taking E as greater damage and AOE however 'Rocket jump' is AOE as well and your attack speed that early must rely on others hard crowd control to enable explosion. * Another Reasoning I have seen from Higher Elo is to push the lane and used for counter pushing a hard push. called lane dominance "But, being able to push lanes early make you loose Gold in number of ways. pushing your lane will put you into bad positioning and create the lane longer in favor of a chase or gank thus making it easier to be pressured off of CS. *Building serrated Dirk in my opinion is one of the cheapest mid game items for AD, lethality; however small but has potential for greater mobility thus more chances of picking ganking and securing your life and others. * Taking Rocket jump is lane dominance with the threat of picking out bad positioned or low health champions. * If you calculate the math a Explosive Charge does nearly identical damage as Rocket jump however, if you do not have an AOE or single stun on your team the likely hood of hitting a 1+ man explosion is less because of the timing it takes to detonate. because of the time it takes to get stacks puts you are so much risk you have to be ready to use flash and or heal in a moments notice. . . . . * How I play most games besides the fun range critical with lethality/Attack speed. I play Tristana as an assassin hoping into out of position foes and getting out with ' Varient of Rocket jump&#039's; or aim for a likely riskier double or triple. If you are low and get a kill and jump out your have options to stay for ranged pokes and crowd control. * Achieving your bomb is essential for a major threat however you do not wish to max it first with this build because you will relay on your Rapid fire cannon to secure damage from your bomb faster. Another key tactic after you reached level 3 is to stack your bomb until one hit away from detonation, and Rocket jump on target then auto attack and rocket jump to new target even if the target is staying alive. Here are my try hard games of Tristana- Everytime you see a new build path that represents a new game. I do not have video evidence of me initiating first bloods but that is the likely hood of each that I am in. No video due to age of match History. Video URL- Poor Quality, be respectful. After my lesson on how I recommend Tristana plays, please; Play games with Tristana like you are an Invading blitzcrank and show those that say you must start Explosive Charge. If you have any obligation to my thoughts please infer these are my conditioned thoughts and useful in all settings of my life. I do recommended of your free will to listen to 'Doomsday; Atreyu' during this short clip. My win losses of Tristana are 50% but having a recent 8 report record recently on my allies.
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