Feedback from an ARAM Main on 9.7 experimental changes

Hello everyone, I'm here to talk about 9.7 Aram experimental changes, to give feedback to Riot Games, as someone who is a dedicated ARAM Mains with more than 11k Games played since the inception of the ARAM Queue. I'm probably biased towards this gamemode because of the sheer number of games i've put in it, and i wouldn't have played it that much if i didn't enjoyed it so keep that in mind. But i think it's our opinion as ARAM Mains that should be voiced, because until now i've read only opinions from people who hated ARAM, it's random comps and most of all those so called "ARAM ACCOUNTS" with 10-20 S-Tier champ unlocked. First of all, i do play almost exclusively ARAM, does it make me one of your "ARAM ACCOUNTS" ? i own 105 champions as of now out of the almost 150 champs in the game. And i feel that Riot's addition of 3 free champion rotation should have been a pain in the asses of those accounts i hear so often about, but if you want to get rid of these, the solution is easy : unlock every champions for everyone in the ARAM Queue, it was done for ARURF so it is possible in theory. Anyway i felt that what is giving people too much good champions are Rerolls, the Reroll Bench who provides a way for people to reroll for their teammate, which is in my humble opinion the reason why people used to see "OP" Champs in almost everygame. Another thing to take into account is the sheer number of people who dodge the queue when they're not satisfied with their champ but i digress. So instead of taking care of this problem once and for all, we're given a lot of experimental changes this patch, and i'm here to give my honest feedback on it, and i encourage everyone of you to do so too. - First of all, BANS : from a quick look at these boards, there are a lot of people arguing against Bans in ARAM because they are perceived against the spirit of this game mode, but also a lot of people who are happy to ban champions they think OP in ARAM. I do think it is contrary to what we all think of when we think of ARAM, not to mention we have to wait 30 more seconds every time someone dodges of the queue. I have seen bans evolve from Poke champs to Tank and Assassin champions over the course of the event, if anything else they are a good indicator of what people perceive as the op champions here. Big nod to all those people who ban "None" to voice their opinion on them. - Specific Champion Changes : This i think is the most polarizing changes of the patch, It could be used as a way to force a 50% win rate on everychamp in the game mode, but i see two problems with it. First of all if those are to stay, it will require permanent attention from Riot and will have to be balanced on a patch-to-patch basis, if you guys are thinking about forgetting ARAM for another year, please don't keep those changes live. Second, for some champion it totally miss the mark, for example "Veigar : +5% damage taken", because everyone complaining about Veigar in ARAM were always complaining about his tankyness. Some champions have received very harsh nerfs (needed or not, is not my place to say) but others have been totally ignored, like Master Yi for example who already was a sleeper op champ in ARAM. So if you wanna do this, you better do it correctly, i predict it will take a lot of work to keep it updated, and from what i gathers i don't think Riot wants to devote that much to balancing Aram. - 900 Unit Poke Barrier : i do think 900 is pretty random, Blitz Q is affected by it, but i've read somewhere else that Zyra's plants weren't. it feels a bit wonky, and right now Poke champs have been nerfed a lot, probably a bit too much with this mechanism and Specific champion changes in my opinion. luckily it doesn't affect ultimates. - Speed of minions spawn after 15;00 : i don't really understand why making every ARAM end after 20 min is a goal in the first place, most of them do already anyways since last year changes, it's been feeling more and more like a coinflip, and comebacks are getting rare, but they seldom happens, it seems to me like you guys don't want people to turtle in and have a chance in "late game". It is somewhat an ok change to me, although most waveclear champions have been nerfed already. - Specific rune and item balance for ARAM : Yes, Yes a thousand time yes. Presence of Mind and Triumph were the first offenders in this category, they were ultimately busted for a game mode that see so much teamfight, I Abused it, so did everyone else and it was kinda gross. Nerfing Warmogs is alright, with nerfed poke tanks don't need all that regen anymore, they were always a great asset to win the game, and it's gonna be even truer now. - "New" Items : Mariner's Vengeance is fine to me, it's a way to get around the guardian angel ban in Aram and still provide an item with a similar goal to AD-based champs. Ghostwalkers : sigh... last year it was already a pain in the ass to have this item on the map, from enemy assassins wiping your backline almost unnoticed, to your teammates charging alone to their death because they can walk through walls it doesn't promote healthy gameplay to me, especially since they are a glorified better version of Kayn's E. i feel bad for him. Either make the user of those boots more visible when into walls and where they're gonna exit it, ot get rid of it entirely. - Turret destruction : This is pretty outrageous to me, not only turret were already extremely weak in ARAM compared to the number of people fighting around it, but now they get destroyed even quicker ? I know you guys want to shorten ARAM Games, but this is too much, you can now lose both turret and one inhib from an Ace at 7-8 minutes, that's just too much, BTW i think turret plating was a good idea for SR, i would have liked something similar in Aram rather than just Paper turrets. Have you seen a demolish proc on these ? i think that's everything, as i sad before i invite everyone to chime in, in particular ARAM Mains, we don't want Riot to cater to those who ain't gonna play the game mode once the missions are finished. I'm worried about this because i have seen a great deal of difference in the player base since the event launch, from toxic people to people straight inting and ruining the games for everyone else because "it's ARAM". Aram mains care about Aram, let's get our voices heard. i Apologize in advance if there are some spelling errors in my wall of text, English is not my mother tongue, please bear with me {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
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