I Blame Patch 3.9!

People are upset the game determined by the worst player, not the best? The jungler's best option is typically to gank for your winning lanes and not help your losing lanes? Why? Patch 3.9 -Death Streak gold values have been reworked to be in line with pre-Season 3 values. Examples: -A player killed three times in a row without resetting is now worth 220 gold (previously 182 gold) -A player killed six times in a row without resetting is now worth 112 gold (previously 62 gold) -Minimum kill value of a champion increased to 50 gold (previously 15 gold) Lets say you've ganked the top laner 3 times and he's 0/3. Your best option is typically to gank him a 4th time since you almost get full gold (220). It's also low risk because you are safe from countergank... even if the enemy jungler shows up you'll win the 2v2 because your laner is more fed. This makes the game unfun for the guy who's now been killed 4 times due to repeated ganks. It also makes the game unfun for the other lanes who may be doing OK until the 4/0 super fed guy spills over into their lane and kills them. Maybe revisit this? I think after 2 or 3 deaths the gold should drop off more. Also you could add a small bounty after just 1 kill. Doing a combination of these 2 things would make the jungler at least think before he decides to gank for his winnning lane, or try and help his losing lane. Instead of always repeated ganking for his winning lane. Edit: As some have pointed out we definitely don't want Proxy Singed back! That's where after dying a few times a champs best option was just to run strait to the nexus killing some creeps on the way and drawing several members of the other team. If they managed to kill you they only got a small amount of gold and it was still worth it.
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