Riot Doesn't Like Macro and it has Hurt the Game

The game has gone away from Macro into a Micro-focused one. It was always the wrong move and there is no turning back now. I think a good examples are Zac's old ult vs his new one and Eve's new W & R vs her old ones. The former's is now more precise and largely less effective and Eve is now a sinlge target nuke only champ (even though the ult has aoe). Before Eve's W was just a cleanse/steroid while her ult was big, unique, and very situational in how you used it. Also in general the game encourages a lot of spamming and far less sharp decision making. The game is too big to die, but any type of recovery is in the past. I love the game and the game itself is almost forcing me not to play with how annoying everything is. I can make a long reply if people are interested listing Macro vs Micro focused champs.
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