Matchmaking Is Nuts, Even In Normals

I don't know if this is simply pure coincidence or not, but I swear my Normals MMR is on the fritz. I'm constantly getting put in matches where my team consists of myself (mid Silver), 2 or 3 High Golds and either 1 or two other Silvers, all of which are solo players, as none of us have been queued together. Meanwhile, the enemy team has always been a full premade of 5, with 2 or 3 being high plat, and the rest being high Golds. I've been wanting to practice Jungling, because I wanted to try and climb, using that role, rather than my standard Supp/Adc main roles. (Mainly because I'm actually growing a tad tired of the adc role, being everyone's prime target and all) But this terrible matchmaking is making it hard (and rather disheartening) to even TRY to play the role at even a Novice level, as I keep being matched against a player who is not only a much higher rank than I am, but is also an actual Jungle main. Not to mention, since they're constantly premade, they always have teamwide communication (something I'll never actually have, given I'm new to jungling, thereby causing my teammates to never listen to any of my callouts, even if the result will get us free objectives). I literally feel like I'm doing nothing in game, and this has been consistent, throughout multiple games, it's not just a single instance. Honestly, I may just throw in the towel, and call it quits on learning this role, until the matchmaking system gets sorted out, (Assuming it ever will, that is), since I no longer think it's worth all these "one-sided" matches.

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