Malzahar has a 57.79% winrate and 90.65% banrate.

Sorce: For some reason, that feels like a problem. Maybe it's the 90% damage reduction that also makes him immune to all CC for a full second that refreshes every 4s in late game (23s-4s scaling). Maybe it's the fact he has one of the fastest and safest jungle clears with half a dozen Voidlings just about every single camp to tank and clear for him. Maybe it's the fact he can solo any Dragon or Rift Herald, and Baron by pretty much the time it spawns. Maybe it's the fact he has 2 of the arguably 3 strongest CCs (Silence + Suppress, Stun being the third). One of them being on an extremely low CD while the other is on a relatively short CD considering it's an ultimate that deals massive % health damage. But maybe I'm just overthinking things. EDIT: Look, FOTM-mainer downvotes streaming in.
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