Remember the mage itemisation update that was supposed to bring diversity to builds?

Can we just aknowledge once again that it completely failed in its objective and that its time again to actually update/expand the mage itemisation? Almost every mages build the same items and use the same runes to the point its actually (once again) very unsatisfying to build anything AP because of how repetitive things get. In fact, almost every "builds" who differ from usual itemisation amongst mages represent a cheesy strategy that will 100% get nerfed shortly after its popularisation just like {{champion:112}} building tank top. Mages are either good or extremely bad, and this just encourages a bad image to be made of them, where 2 or 3 of them will be amongst the top 10 champions of a patch, while 30 others rot in hell, and almost every patch those few lucky champions just switch place with other ones to create an ever lasting circle where things like {{champion:30}} sit a the top while a majority of other mages like {{champion:50}}{{champion:134}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:268}} just swim in an eternal sea of nothingness. This is strongly encouraged by the forced item paths that almost everyone is forced to follow and if they don't, they lack the strength that others have. We need another AP itemisation update, but this time it should actually have an expansion of build paths and finished items instead of just being an excuse to nerf mana to hell like last time.

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