Can we stop letting CertianlyT make champions?

Look his champs are really cool, concept-wise they are fun but dude holy shit every single are so unfun to play againist. {{champion:84}} True Invisibility: cool concept but utterly broken and unfun to play against ( Edit: Yes i know you can see her outline under turret and if she attack she gets revealed but being able to plob it down and suddleny lose tower agro can be frustrating) {{champion:142}} Q Nuke and Low CDR Ult: I really like Zoe i played her a lot but then i realized, how is this fun for my laner like its complete cancer? (Edits: While zoe does have counterplay, i do think a Q CDR as low as around 4 or 6 secs that can deal at most 1400 late game while her extreme range can be annoying but obvi there is the fact that she has to land it) {{champion:429}} Hopping Mechanic: One of my most played champs across my 3 accounts, she is so fucking fun but man even when shes is nerfed to the ground, a good kalista player can make her literally dumb Theres alot of things i like about CertainlyT but i think the champs he designs are cool as fuck but not really fun to lane againist or deal with Edit: I want to say, im not really tryna say "fuck CertainlyT", like i said i love his idea for champs, like its makes league enjoyable because there's so many thing you can do but thats the ironic thing. What makes them so fun is what also makes them frustrating to play againist
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