RIOT, can we get a statement on the overbearing presence of ADCs?

The boards right now are teeming with threads about how OP either ADCS (namely twitch and trist, but they're only a symptom of the ADC cancer tbh) or the supports that follow them (namely Janna) are. I'd love to hear a RIOT response to how totally overbearing, overpowered, and overplayed ADCs are. Why do they NEED to be in every game? Why do they need to 2 shot from 500-900 range? Do you think it's healthy? In my personal salt-powered opinion, ADCs are the primary reason this game CAN'T be balanced. Simply put, every other class and every AD item has to have ADCs in mind. I mean, isn't it silly that a whole ROLE (not class, ROLE, 1/5 of all SR queues!) is devoted solely to making them even stronger? Or that a LARGE majority of their damage comes from just pressing their AS steroid and right clicking? Anyway I'm kinda rambling, just always really hated the ADC role. But I'd love to hear an official RIOT response on why they are the way they are.
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