Riot Ice cream, the most successful ice cream shop in the world.

Riot Ice Cream has just opened up!! Joy to the world! The news spread across the land, "have you tried this delicious ice cream?" the people asked. No said the people and tried it and spread the word even more. Riot Ice Cream, serves 2 different kinds of ice creams, one for the ice cream enthusiast (only served to 1 person, 2 people MAX) and one for the more casual gourmet (best shared with a group of friends). People all around the world longed for the great ice cream and everyone was happy. But Riot Ice Cream noticed a problem, a lot of the casual gourmets never dared to try the more daring ice cream. So Riot Ice Cream sent out surveys across the land, wondering if people would try the more daring ice cream if they could share it with other people. The people said yes, but Riot Ice Cream thought the daring ice cream was too daring and decided to mix it with the casual ice cream into a new BETTER flavour. What a great idea, said Riot Ice Cream. For some unknown reason, Riot Ice Cream never realized they had changed the way their daring ice cream tastes forever. Come try this brand new flavor, said Riot Ice Cream. The best of two worlds COMBINED! Perfect for the enthusiast and casual gourmet, eat it alone or eat it with friends. "What is that you say enthusiasts?" said Riot Ice Cream, "you don't like the new taste?". What a shame, we thought this was a smashing success, said Riot Ice Cream. Riot Ice Cream was in a pickle, how will we solve this...? "I know", said the janitor of Riot Ice Cream. We bring back the old ice cream and keep the new combined flavor as well! "Great idea", said Riot Ice Cream. The people are now longing for the day when their old ice cream comes back again, as Riot Ice Cream had promised. Mmmm, delicious old ice cream. Riot, WE WANT OUR OLD ICE CREAM!!!!!!

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