Qiyana is awful, and im honestly shocked she was released given the state she was in on the pbe

Not only is she clunky, with her e-q combo not even being fluid in a yasuo-esque way like I had expected, but she has tons of conditional abilities, and even when those conditions are met they add very little. And if those 2 things weren't enough, her base damage is so low shes utterly unplayable. Another thing is that her power budget is wasted on a bunch of random shit. Like her w passively gives her 20% attack speed and an on-hit damage effect as long as you have an enchantment, but her w also reset the cooldown of your q which spends the enchantment, basically encouraging you to immediately spend the enchantment and lose the passive bonus? I mean from a design perspective it just doesn't even make sense. This champion reeks of a required mini rework in the future..
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