Caps should be caps.

In regards to {{item:3161}} and {{item:3124}} We _had_ a cooldown reduction cap and an attack speed cap because they were balanced. It wouldn't be fair for someone to just get 100% CDR and use their abilities instantly and constantly. Likewise, it wouldn't be fair to just let someone double their attack speed with a single item. But somehow, the designers saw fit to almost do so. The entire concept of an item that reduces your cooldowns far past the cap goes against one of the game's fundamental balancing mechanics. [Edit] Something I didn't address is the fact Shojin's passive was of course handed down from the old Essence Reaver. The thing is, the change to stat line and cost made it more open to champions who actually interweave autos and powerful abilities, unlike mana-heavy ADC's who still mostly rely on autos and have weaker abilities because of it. Or didn't buy it in the first place because they rely entirely on abilities that outrange their autos (Ezreal). That alone made the item far more of an issue than it had been previously. And we saw a similar thing happen when they put the Sated passive onto an item non-junglers could use, with Kog'maw and Varus absolutely dominating at bot for a good while-- and later, Kai'sa. [Edit] And, like we saw when Kog'maw was the only one able to do it or when Sated Devourer was the only viable jungle option and games were decided entirely by whoever stacked it faster, effectively increasing your attack speed past the intended ~~cap~~ [edit] **maximum** [edit] for anyone else-- especially now, when there are so many more powerful [edit] **on-hit** [edit] options than there were back in Sated days-- goes against another. There are so many things that are balanced around uptime and downtime, and when you take that away you make an item that isn't fair to have, even if both sides have it. 3-hit passives are fair _because_ every third hit is a reasonable condition. When you make it every second, it becomes too powerful. So you'd basically have to intentionally feed to lose if you get to late game and your team has a Guinsoo's user while the enemy doesn't. I'm not saying these two items need to be removed entirely, but their passives should. Sometimes _unique_ just means _unfair_. ***** On that note, why did we not get the actual Spear of Shojin? That'd be a perfectly fine effect.
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