Avarice Blade; what purpose does it serve?

Well, let's think about this. Avarice Blade is a 750 gold Crit item that grants 10% Crit Chance, 3 GP10, and 2 gold per unit kill. Crit tends to be a carry-oriented statistic, as the lack of Crit+Defense items makes it somewhat difficult to realistically build on most fighters, and the lack of reliability makes it a non-priority for pure assassins. So, logically, it seems to be a gold-gain item for carries, mostly marksmen and a few specific fighters. Except, which carries actually want this item? The problems I find with it; -Crit Chance is not an early-game stat. It's something you build after you have a bit of AD/AS to scale with it, or that builds out of AD/AS items. -Gold-gain items on marksmen are somewhat redundant. They're supposed to have in the top 3 CS count on the team, so they're already earning a lot of gold. I thought the point of the gold-gain items was to help the junglers and supports keep up. -It's old, and has barely been changed. Honestly, can you see Riot releasing this item as it is today? -Most items that Avarice Blade builds, the exception being Atma's Impaler, are items that help more when completed. I can see no reason why someone would want to delay Youmuu's, Shiv or ExCa (yes, almost nobody builds it ever, but in the cases where it IS built, you don't want to wait). Yet, Avarice Blade is an item that builds value as long as you hold onto it. It's the Catalyst/Rod of Ages oxymoron except with GP10. So why does Avarice Blade exist? Why haven't we just dropped it and used Cloak of Agility in its place? Thoughts? Arguments otherwise? Cookies?
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