Lets talk about someone left in the dust for a long time

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We will talk about one of the " reworked " champs from our beloved rioters , the one who got her lore ; gameplay ; design ; identity totaly destroyed , the forsaken , the neglected from riot , the forgotten, aka urgot of mid lane aka the " hypercarry " machingun : {{champion:69}} She got her rushed rework in 4.16 patch and patch 6.1 is near , and what she got during this year ? only nerfs .. yeah because champs like cassiopeia ( yeah , this kind of neglected char) are not allowed to be in the meta more than 1 month , and i talk about the healthy tank meta where games didnt end in 15 min . We all know that she is in a bad spot sitting in a good 46 % winrate . Cassio is just unplayable in this meta , i played some games and im rly upset to think that playing yorick would have been more worth . Honestly i was fine , playing half of a champion , a unfinished work and wait that riot wakes up and stop being biased to death . But now cassio is just worthless , and i know what im talking about , make cassio work in this meta is awful So there was a WHOLE year of negative feedback without any concrete answers from riot only some , " yeah ok but no" " i dont know when " " i understand but we got better project to do than work on cassiopeia " you never planned something ; do you know how the player base translates this lack of answers on something thats your fault ??? ( yeah no one asked from a trash rework old cassio just needed quol changes ) = disrespect " sry but in fact we dont give a fck about cassiopeia , we reworked her and nerfed her now its your problems , whatever no one plays cassio fck you " this how it feels and it feels worse when you decide to buff zed because he was kinda out of the meta and leave cassiopeia in the dust for more than 1 year . Whats wrong with cassiopeia is her passive wich was a argument to nerf her ALL of her numbers , i think it must be great in return of all her nerfs but no : her passive is pure bullshit Just numbers in compensation of her early / mid game nerf ... hmm no they didnt nerf it , they totaly smashed it , for what ? a hyper carry late game . Wich is realy dissapointing because its rare to reach late game and even if you can , you would be rly surprised because she is a immobile mage ( you could say : yeah but just care about position ) but NO you cant because all her dmg is concentrated in her low range monocible spell ; WICH IS EXTREMELY WRONG FOR A MAGE + try to compare her dmg to any other hyper carry or basic mage as zyra or brand . Lets not forget how cassio used to be a high risk high reward champions , now you get nothing by taking risks she is just pure garbage . she desperately needs some buffs, her lategame winrate should be at 55% at least if she is supposed to be a hypercarry. They shifted 90% of her Dmg onto her E and took a gigantic chunk out of her Q and W importance. If you want to know more here you go -> http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/ofg4G7hq-the-problem-with-cassiopeia-indepth-by-a-cassiopeia-main-since-release Her design ; http://i.imgur.com/328219m.jpg?1 they did a good job with textures but they totaly fcked up the tail and over sexualised her boobs holy shit she looks like a slut , 3 years without any new skin ... Lets not forget her interresting lore ( 6 lignes ) , is that supposed to be a rework ? So now that the preseason is done with all your " projects " as arguments to not fix cassiopeia , Cassio deserves some buffs to survive in this meta , Could you make it : the lightest effort we asked for months . Can you allow us to play a decent champ till you re-rework her passive and make her less twin fangs dependant. It never felt so bad to play cassio I doubt if will ever try to pick her in s6 , in her current state she needs AT LEAST her sustain back and more dmg on her poisons. Its been more than 1 year that we wait ,she was kinda viable but now you cant ignore her anymore because she is in her worst state , she is about to be the Urgot 2.0 Edit : buffs idea : Noxious Blast: 45% ap / 50 % / 55 % / 60% imo this is one of the best buff she could receive her w is really useless , its just a set up i think it should deal more dmg if you stand in it for a long time or soemthing like that ; maybe just buff the slow ? or add a new mechanic because this spell is just a set up ; i mean people could stand in it for the full duration without being worried her sustain is not even noticable , 0,06 % is really not enough her current sustain will never save her in team fight , riot shoulf buff it
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