Friendly reminder you're not a bad player if you play meta

Boards culture has been getting a bit heated about the meta so here's a few things you should remember. You aren't a bad player if you play meta You're not an unskilled player if you main assassins You're not a sweaty tryhard if your main became meta and you want to play them in normals You're not metaslave trash if you run ignite and/or electrocute You're not a bad person for playing Yasuo (high correlation, but if you're a terrible person it's not because you play Yasuo) You're not "ruining someone else's fun" by picking good champions. That person is miserable and wants a reason to lash out and blame someone else. And just because you like the state of the game doesn't make you a reject kid from CoD We're all here to have fun and play vidya. Let's try not to take it out on other people because their definition of fun isn't fun for us.
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