"evidently we have a champion named ivern"

I love ivern I do and props to the people that play him despite his flaws. That skin guy (hopefully) joked about ivern due to his low playrate but riot needs to pay more attention to him for that reason. Ivern is one of the most niche champions and he usually falls off heavily if he even gets anywhere at all. He has a single target linear root that is blocked by minions and a 2 second single target shield. His w is quite niche for giving him a bit of extra damage and range in an area and is about as effective (useless) at subterfuge as neekos w. Daisy is constantly a disappointment. I propose to make ivern more popular: 1: add some kind of regen mechanic to w like it regens some health over time while allies stand in it with an ap ratio. I'm thinking like sona level heal output (distributed over time ofc) which is fair considering allies would have to stand in it and it doesnt grant a shield or have any burst heal potential. 2: Give daisy a slight delay and then a knock similar to ori's ult but in reverse (and no damage). This will at least give his ult some semblance of use in teamfights rather than using her and then waiting what seems like forever for an enemy to let her knock them up with her abysmal range. 3: Give daisy the ability to solo a turret. Give her a durability buff against turrets and the ability to be assigned to one (so she doesnt port to ivern if he leaves range). So long as the enemy minion wave or any any champions dont attack her she should be able to solo a turret. This would give ivern utility similar to yorick (but trading attack range for durability).
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