This game is in the worst state since I've started playing it

I started playing League in march 2016. It was something new and fun for me and I'm still really into it. Though, something terrible has happened to it. At first I was surprised by how many people are complaining about the state of League. I was thinking... wait, are we talking about the same game I played like a month ago. It was fine for me. Not the best ever but totally fine. I got to mid-plat and had ambitions for more... I had... I decided to play a ranked game today and see, if the meta has actually shifted in bad direction. It did... HOLY FUK. Here's the story: I just ended a ranked when I was stomped by an unstoppable Jinx with (suprise) lulu support. After Jinx got 2 kills there was nothing we could do, she got IE, Lulu bought Ardent and there was no way to stop them. Why tho? Why matches have to be so unfun? Why can't I do anything to comeback after something unfortunate happens? Why getting 2 kills allows a champion to do whatever he wants regardless of how stupid decisions they are making. The only way to win from behind is to hope that one of enemy team's players will DC or start inting for no reason. And it's both ways. When I get a lead, I can stomp everyone, 3 shot every squishy and make it, so the enemy will reconsider their decision of continuing to play this game. (it was yesterday. They started inting since they knew, there's nothing to stop us from taking everything they had). I hate this meta as much, as everyone and I'm stepping back from ranked till preseason because I don't want to feel such terrible hopelessness this game is inducing. The worst meta is here, guys!
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