@Riot - Nerf Vayne | A Review from a Vayne Main

Note: I posted this in G+ but I doubt it'd get reviewed in time. This is a state of urgency in regards to how (incoming bias) horrendous the Vayne CD buff was. I would like to know what was the goal of adding to her kit when there are many things, which I will list, that make it bad. I was worried this would happen and tried to post in G+ for a few weeks but my posts were not accepted. Hopefully, someone at Riot can take this feedback as I think it's applicable to other champions as well when you look at the application of the event. I'm a Vayne main. My main argument is: I believe Vayne's buff with her tumble cooldown fails to address her as a champion, her strengths/weaknesses, is unhealthy for the game, and harms her gameplay health. Specifically, remove the CD on her ultimate. My reasons are : - The buff does not address Vayne's late-game issues - Many nuances she struggles in which she should excel late-game - Will get into below this section - Vayne's a late-game champion, not a mid-game god - Buff has made her mid-game the strongest - Vayne's design is good, based on the fact Riot made Kai'Sa based off her. - Patch 8.2 Vayne's nerfs were one of the simplest but most effective nerfs Riot has made; Supports her good design - Vayne's kit is meant to be very simple but offer great opportunity - 50% CD offers unnecessary bloat - 50% CD promotes CDR creep which also goes against Vayne's design by adding overcomplexity - Stealth is not meant to be easily attained, used, or executed by Vayne - It's a repositioning mechanic that should be punished severely if she does not position well after a tumble - Stealth is meant to delay her DPS late-game and take quick thought/reaction to use in tight spots - Constant Variable buffs ruin Vayne's scaling and weaknesses - Vayne is healthy because her counterplay is clear and scaling is predictably timed - 50% CD Buff on Tumble takes away a lot of her early game weakness and risk I do not believe her mid-game should be stronger in exchange for her late. If you want Vayne to be stronger, I have ideas in my Possible Solutions section. She has dropped to 9th place late-game and is much more mid-game oriented which should not happen. It means she is failing to do her job once she gets offline and falls off. Why is she falling off? That is because of the Patch 8.2 changes that removed her late-game power without an exchange and Patch 8.11. She also suffers dueling ability. While she can now reposition more, it does not help her kit as well as she lacks the flat AD damage to compete with the burst meta present. In the Patch 8.3 meta, this CDR Vayne buff is hazardous and unhealthy. It should definitely be removed in Patch 8.3/8.4. I believe Vayne buffs should only surround her attack speed and flat attack damage. This is healthiest and clearest way to address her for both her playerbase and opponents as it is predictable for both sides when she gets online and her periods of impact. People often complain Vayne is a stat-check champion but this also keeps her easily in-line and predictable. It's a benefit for her opponent to know when she can hit a powerspike and constant indicator of WHEN she'll be strong and how. Introducing the CDR to her Q was a big mistake as this threw this ability for her opponents away. While stat-check champions can be annoying at times, they're needed for this game. Vayne is a very simple to understand champion but has a steep learning curve and high skill ceiling (or should have if it weren't for this buff skewing her power curve). Keeping Vayne a stat-check champion allows her to be predictable and fair in any meta or environment, while adjusting her quickly and easily. Unlike most champions, EG Irelia/Akali, you don't need to fiddle around with so much of Vayne's kit to find out why or where she's strong. Power curves are integral to the game and imperative to botlane to understand when/where you can fight. Someone can be 4-0 but if they didn't back, the ADC knows they can duel them and win since that ADC backed even though they may be under a level. It's these little things that make a huge difference. > Possible Solution With the mandatory requirement of removing her 50% CD on her ultimate but still giving her the buff she needs, one of these solutions would suffice: - A revert from Patch 8.2 nerfs is something I highly recommend. - Partial revert is healthy. I do not know why nerf reverts are so rare. I would prefer nerf reverts than to new buffs as it prevents a knot of complexity & issues in the future. - The context of the game that allowed her to be strong then have greatly changed. Before Season 8, Vayne's scaling was much more exponential. She was horrible early on, mediocre mid-game, and only outscaled by Twitch late-game our outsmarted by Kog'Maw/Jinx or other well organized team compositions. - If not, exponentially scaling base stats in terms of damage from 1-18 would be best, with her being equal in strength at level 11 and stronger than before at level 18. - AD & AS focused - Percentage-based movement speed bonus on her passive & Spectral Waltz active on her ultimate with the MS it gives - Mobility is so high in this game Vayne has trouble chasing secluded targets and maneuvering - Base MS buff to 370 What are your thoughts? Do you think this trade-off will work? Is Vayne in a good spot? What do you think the future holds for her?

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