Riot doesn't know how to balance Melee carries

Or carries in general this game is going nowhere The reason marksmen are meta is because of the combination of this: -insane laning phase against melees in 2v2 -insane objective control -too safe making the lack of range a huge punishement Now the laning phase is being fixed with FFW nerf and base stats nerf As an adc main I can testify that NOTHING can manage to properly lane bot lane against an adc+support not even ranged mages because to apply pressure they need to use their spells and eventually will end up out of mana, while adcs can still basic attack if they don't have mana. And even if you manage to take a good trade against them they will sustain everything back. The objective control is being nerfed because IE damage will only work against champions now, we still have the third problem and this is where riot is fucking up so hard marksmen are too safe, so what do we do to convince players to play melees? we turn them into tanks Spirit of shojin or idr the name is the example of this **I do agree that melees need ways to avoid damage** they're not ranged, they're melees and take risks. This is why I don't mind yasuo windwall, if he didn't have this he couldn't work because he would die instantly Do you realise the difference between this item and windwall? that's right, **one takes SKILL to use**. windwall needs a good timing, if you use it for nothing the oppenents won't use spells against it and you won't absorb any damage, then since it has 20 sec cd you're going to get fucked up in teamfight. Now you give all melees, flat damage reduction WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING. We already struggle to deal with Yasuo/Vayne with {{item:3046}} , so we decided to add even more free tankiness without any inbuilt counterplay You know why melees work in Dota2? because they have this item called black king bar, where you have to activate it at the right time to dodge spells or cc, where if you don't use it in time you get chain cc'ed (because unlike olaf ult you can't use it during ccs) and DIE. Spirit of shojin should have been a 350 hp morgana black shield on active instead of a retarded damage reduction But you know what else is a problem? {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} those items have the same problem only stats, nothing should be used at the right time to a point where riot buffs crit cost when it's shit, then nerf it once again when it's overpowered, and will never ever balance crit I guess this is the state of the game, a game slowly returning to stat checking each others
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