A resume for why i quitted this game

1. _ Removal of Dominion 2. _ Removal of runes and masteries 3. _ Removal of iconic and unique champion identities and kit . 4. _ Removal of niche summoner spells . 5. _ Removal of team builder . 6. _ Disgusting game management and balance ( dynamic queue , ardent censer , lethality ... and many more ) 7. _ 80 % of the game i play is either a stomp or my team get stomped , with no hope of comeback since nashor got insanely buffed a few seasons ago and turrets nerfed . 8. _ New champions like : {{champion:145}} {{champion:142}} Zoe could bring a interresting mechanic like sleep but she is instead a long range one shot champ who brings nothing special in term of gameplay or anything . Same for Kaissa , for me this champ brings nothing fresh or new in the game expect that she was broken for a while with her RECYCLED boring kit . 9. _ Garbage tier and God tier : riot keeps champs with less than 2 % playrate with poor win rate stats and underwhelming numbers while there is champs with big playrate that are above 50 % win rate . 10. _ The frustration tier champion pool : champs with high ban rate ( no one want to play with or agains them ) with low win rate . Have you not consider reworking champions that enter in this category with their forever toxic kit instead of " underplayed " champs like : {{champion:41}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:266}} ... ect
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