Can we remove or nerf Black Cleaver?

Edit: Alot of people are just simply posting no or telling me to shut up. If you don't have an actual argument for why BC doesn't need a nerf, you are wrong. So please, either post something helpful or go back to hard flamming in your games until you get chat restricted, cuz you seem like that kind of person. Many people currently complain about tank itemization and cooldown and {{item:3071}} holds responsibility for both issues. One {{item:3071}} removes any ability for any tank to be tanky prior to four full items and offers both chase potential (phage passive), HP to absorb all base damage that a tank is gonna deal out, AD, AND a full 20% CDR. Throw in conqueror and unless you have well over 250 armor you're not tanky at all. Which, you're not going to get to 250 armor without ignoring MR completely or hitting full build. And of course {{item:3071}} stacks with other {{item:3071}} so if the bruiser top and the jungler build one, and throw in something like a zed mid who can also build it (as if an assassin being able to itemize into a fucking off-tank item wasn't a red flag enough), you're going to be recieving just shy of true damage no matter how much armor you have. You could be a full armor malphite with a taric passive sitting at around 900 armor and still be melted in a few spell rotations. Options 1: Remove BC's CDR, probably would have to lower it's HP and increase it's AD to not make it actually worthless and balance it around bruisers specifically. 2: Remove BC's armor shred entirely and buff it's movespeed passive in order to make it more about chasing champions, still leaving room to build armor for counterplay. 3: Make BC's armor shred flat instead of % 4: remove it from the game entirely I'd argue we also need to remove one of the stats off of conqueror to bring it more in line with other keystones (i vote for the sustain, since most bruisers have build-in sustain anyway and the true damage helps them deal with tanks in the mid-game. Right now the sustain causes them to pretty solidly win almost all trades) but that is a thread on it's own.
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