Gamemode or even a chance to play the old league of legends from older patchs...

Well people from season 5 or 4 to below maybe remember the old map the old champions , everything like it was before, so much nostalgia, i wish i could go back in time and go back to season 3, love it! So my suggestion is, give us older players a chance to play the old league of legends like it was , i know it would give a lot of work but if people can make fanmade maps 99%= to the old original league of legends map i bet the dev team would make it 100% as before, bringing all of that back is not easy ik, you gotta do the map all over again put older patchs remove reworks and etc, but think about it, it has been so many years since league of legends started being one of, or even the most, game played in all history, it would be good to have a week per year or something like that to revive what league of legends went through, for example create a league of legends gamemode where we could go back in time and go to older patchs, for example i start a game, and a random season is choosed ,for example season 2! and we can only choose champions from season 2 and we would have the abilities of those same champions like they were before, or even start a game in season 6 or 3 or 4 it would be fun to go back in time just like that, i just can't hold the exciment it would be to play the old league of legends once again,and yeah a lot of work would've to been put into this but lots of people and when i say lots i can say milions of people would play that gamemode more then once, well that's just an idea anyway, thanks for your attention ^^. Best regards, Mortal333{{champion:11}} {{item:4403}} {{item:3142}}

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