This is a call out for the annoying amount of "best case" Bias.

FFS please account for realistic usage rather then on paper best cases if you want to have a conversation about gameplay. The likelihood of something hitting its best case should ALWAYS be included into conversations about champion strengths. So Y'all if you would be so kind, can we please stop letting folks get away with best case usage when its not realistic reliable? Let me walk ya over it really fast. {{champion:101}} Best case vs rational usage. QWR. All aoe, All "can" hit 5 targets. That means his best case level 16 R can have a Base damage of 1400 and 215% AP scaling multiplied by 5. Is this realistic? fuck no. Can he On paper do 7,000 base damage with just his r? Absolutly. If you tally it up your looking at a Full ability rotation resulting in best case 9,800 base damage with 1945% AP scaling Aka 19.45 damage per 1 point of AP. However the moment you ask what realistic usage is? Then its not rational to assume this has happened EVER in the history of the game for a serious match. Just Some food for thought.
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