Karma Passive/Ult Discussion. Red Response Requested

Currently Karma has a passive that can easily be frontloaded onto her R ability to give her kit more options. The auto attack/spell damage is centric to her R anyway, so imo it would make a lot more sense to combine the two and free up a passive, so that you can make a small change to her without removing her awesome 3 skill 1 mantra style of play. An _**example**_ of a passive could be: **INSTANT KARMA: ** 5%/7.5%/10% of damage dealt to karma by champions is stored for the next 4 seconds. this amount can be discharged by auto attacking. After 4 seconds, this value is added to karmas mana pool. Something like this would help solidify 'good karmas' from 'bad karmas' -- This is just an example however. My primary suggestion is that her R and Passive be combined. Thank you for reading.
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