Are melee attack speed builds slowly being pushed out of the game?

With the current focus on lethality and the tweak to BoRK reducing its attack speed I am wondering if attack speed builds are becoming more and more things of the past. We currently have the bloodrazer enchant, triforce and rageblade being the only viable items for melee attack speeds champions, I am wondering if attack speed melee champions are slowly but surely reworked into something else? You can still build a full attack speed melee build, but they don't really seem to be viable anymore. Just hacking into someone for 2.5 attacks per second and killing them in 1.5 seconds just doesn't seem the way to go anymore. We still have Xin Zhao and Master Yi using attack speed builds, but they need other items too or they will become canon fodder. Another interesting thing to note is warwick's rework, making him into a new hybrid. Maybe I'm completely missing the point, but the game to me seems to be making some core changes.
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