Ezreal Is Sad

I dunno about you guys, but I feel like Ez is getting the short end of the stick. Again. When we were all staring at patch 5.22, I'm sure most were thinking 'OH GOD, EZ GETS 40% CDR IN 2 ITEMS', which was great on paper, but turned out the nerfs to Trinity (Loss of AD, complete loss of AP, loss of AS, and loss of MS) made it an item not even worth picking up and most have had to resort back to blue build just to be -viable-. Some have gone as far as trying to make use of Rageblade and had little success in real play. So we saw his winrate drop a couple % in 5.22, slowly went up in 5.23 as people adapted, but... Mooooooooore nerfs. Wheeeeeeeee. Trinity+Essence now only gives 30% CDR, not 40% because Riot figured 1.5 items giving 30% CDR was a bit much, which it really was! It would seem they completely ignored the fact that Essence and Trinity's 40% CDR combo is now removed without much compensation. To make matters worse, Fervor is being changed to stack only on champions. Normally, that'd be fine, but you essentially got 2 stacks every Q (One for cast, one for hit) and used the damage you got from Fervor to get an edge and be able to snowball. You had a better early game, equal mid game, and worse late game than other ADC's, but that was the trade-off. You had a better early. Now, that early is gone and we're still not seeing much for poor Ezreal. I know most still dislike Ez and his safety, but... that safety isn't even working too well nowadays. Before, you gave up your late game DPS potential that a normal ADC had for a more poke-based champ, but the poke has been reduced with the major loss of AD (Even Sivir got a tiny ratio buff to compensate for the large loss of AD while the other ADC's had great QoL changes or full on reworks) on top of Trinity being nerfed without any cost reduction just plain sucks. I feel like Ezreal is getting the cold shoulder here. :(

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