Alcoves in my opinion are just death traps.

Alcoves to me seem like just a great way to die. I hardly see a reason for bot lane or top to play in the alcoves. The playmaking they offer are the same as the bushes were with the exception that they might call for a ward in the event of a lane gank. Running into an alcove to escape is gonna lead to a bad time because essentially you are now stuck in a small area with only two paths of escape. Jg will capitalize on these if an adc or top ever runs into an alcove. Second there impact on the game is going to be so small only gonna be a playable area for the first 12 to 14 minutes of the game. After laning phase is over for top or bot alcoves will just be side lane blemishes. The dragon changes on the map at least are a dynamic event that does encourage a new type of playstyle but I think the majority of gameplay will stay the same in side lanes.
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