Why I hate that people don't play for fun anymore

The thing that puts me off league is the intense amount of people who don't understand fun, you get modes like URF or OFA and aram etc. people play all those modes like its ranked they re-roll or vote until they get an OP champ they base stuff off items and not there own moves they try hard on drafts and counter pick etc i mean why counter pick why not just try and beat a laner in a hard match up instead of giving yourself a lane you know your gonna win kinda takes the point out of it, i get doing it in ranked, cause you wanna climb yeah but in casual modes like drafts it just takes all the fun away and what is worse is some players i have asked this question say draft counts as a form of ranked! i still play the game but i just wish somehow someday people will discover what the meaning of fun is or at least look it up in a dictionary.
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