Anyone else feels like there is TOO MUCH CDR in the game?

I personally find it frustrating to have so much CDR from an itemization perspective. I'm a mid main, and I wont even go into how efficient LUDENS ECHO is and how it's the Black Cleaver of mid lane... if you're a burst mage you ALWAYS build it first no matter what because it gives you EVERYTHING a mage needs unlike any other item (extra scaling burst dmg, wave clear, 20%CDR, mana item, HIGH AP) Damn, I said this wasn't about Luden's Echo ( or Black Cleaver...) Anyways. It's DIFFICULT to not have a build that goes over 40% CDR. It's a crappy feeling every game. Absolute Focus being weaker recently, and 10% CDR in the rune stats, compounds the situation. Although I often take Absolute Focus over Transcendence, I can't see myself trading 10% CDR for 9AP... Ludens ECHO plus the 10% CDR from runes is already 30%, so pick your 10% item carefully. Zhonyas? Banshees? Hextech item? Twin Shadows? Lich Bane?Maybe you're a AP bruiser who wants Spirit Visage. I find it ridiculous an optimal build can't have more than one these item's and Luden's together. After boots, your other 3 items HAVE to be Void Staff, Rabadons, Liandries, Rylais, Morrelonomicon, or Mejais. Maybe you're playing ARAM and want some weird itemization but often can't because it's ALWAYS over 40% CDR. Tanks have it EVEN WORSE. Pretty much CAN'T build Black Cleaver and Frozen Gauntlet together, because your MR item will put you over the cap. And I don't think you're running Transcendence as a tank, so you dont even have the chance to benefit from the extra adaptive force. When looking for an optimal build, often times I find myself tiptoing around the CDR cap instead of building the items I would have liked to build initially. Overall... ALL the CDR feels bad. And I'm not even coming at it from a power creep/game pace perspective, I'm talking about it from a pure itemization perspective. Does anyone else feel similarly? P.S. Why are Ionian Boots even an item any more? If it wasn't for the summoner spell buff, they'd be COMPLETELY obsolete. Even the traditional support characters that would RUSH these boots don't because of excess CDR in every item. They're just better off with literally any other item. (Sorcerer boots for brand lux ect. Even tank boots are better than Ionian boots for beefier supports. Swiftness/mobi boots are almost always good on supps)

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