League is in it's longest stagnation phase ever.

While i don't have the numbers to back my claim up, I'm pretty damn sure that for the last, like, almost a year absolutely nothing happened. Last major change we had that changed the meta were marksman nerfs. Right after that, every patch became smaller and smaller, with only noticable thing being that mages are not allowed in botlane again because we can't have nice things. Everything is just so goddamn stale. Patches right before community backlash from adc changes were absolutely massive, everything was being thrown out the window and it was FUN. Almost every patch forced itself down our throats forcing us to constantly addapt, with adc patch being the crowning jewel of that time period. And now? For over half a year almost nothing changed. Assassins run rampart, Irelia and Akali are beating records of banrate, Lucian shits on every other adc, tanks are non-existant and jax single-handedly dictates toplane meta around himself. Only somewhat interesting thing was Viktor top with 55% winrate and biggest pickrate but that was probably more cancerious to the game than anything in the recent years so it was "quickly" "fixed". This preseason, that was meant to shake things up changed borderline nothing, even with turret plating game still goes exactly the same way. What's the point of extending laning phases by 3 minutes if after that we return to our usual mid-game clownfiesta and late-game fights being decided by which teams' player overextends first which results in his intant demise from 5 people piling up on him and then winning remaining teamfight by default. Don't get me wrong. I have some hopes for the future. It's just that those hopes are more miniscule and miserable than in the years prior. I lost trust in Riot to balance their game long time ago and to this they still didn't manage to convince me otherwise.

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