Is Tristana's detonation charge a little TOO effective on towers?

First off, let me say that I know that with any champ release or rework there's bound to be some rough edges, and I generally think the reworked Trist is better than old trist. But it seems like that det charge gives her a little too much tower taking ability too soon. We all know old trist was a late game hypercarry before, and I'm glad the game doesn't have to hit 30-35 minutes for her to shine anymore, but I saw a game where a 4v5 team fight happened in midlane, a couple deaths on each side and everyone else recalled, and in the time it took for that fight to happen and for everyone to recall and heal, a level 7-8 trist took an outer tower that had ~40% health AND a middle turret that was full before she got chased off. That seems really early for that level of split pushing on a champ. Even other split push champs like Udyr don't seem to have super shredding till level 13 or so. But I may just be crazy, so I want to know if anyone else feels like she exits laning phase an overly strong splitpusher, yet still has her late game hypercarry status, essentially making her a huge threat for a much larger portion of the game.
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