Riot don't do the mistake to nerf garen read this

low elo , and high elo should find how to play vs garen ,rather than complain ,and make garen back to nothing ... , before this patch garen was not even in a metha..., now it is , yeah is a frontliner , but he can get counter by slow abilitys and cc , same as any other front liner and champion tanky.. If you don't stay near garen then you will not feel his strength , same apply when you play vs renekton , jax,darius ,fiora ,irelia , you don't complain about them , because they been keeped in metha and you learned to play vs them... , but you haven't learned to play vs garen. Few ideeas how to counter garen , urgot is a strong champion against garen ,also jax well played on good trades... , there is lissandra who slows and can use r , and she can also use e to escape ... , there is gnar also a strong combo champion , sion cc and damage , nasus slow which makes garen useless as he can't move to reach any target , and there is more what awaits people to find , for exemple i would counter extremly hard garen with a jinx adc pick , or i would pick malzahar mid , is extremly simple how you can counter him ... . Give it a chance ,learn to play vs him ,then complain about his strength ... , you will see he is same as is darius when he is close to a target or jax or renekton ,irelia,fiora , you complain actually about a melee champion , when you have so many tools to counter play him... , you even can ban him , and that's not all , you just complain instant because actually garen got in metha ,being able to perform good with him , is not garen fault that players no know to deal with him ... , if you will learn to play vs him , you will laught so hard on him being useless ... , if you will underestimate him , and you will not fight him proper ,and you will not pick champions to make his life harder , then feel free to complain about every champion.... You remember katarina ultimate old katarina ,was insane , years in row she been same , and still she does get powerfull if people dosn't build cc team... , same apply vs garen , so is not his fault that you just not building your team according to enemy picks .
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