I've had 6 games in a row end in less than 20 minutes

And to be fair, I was the one requesting the FF some of those times. But still, I feel like the game remains in an extremely snowbally state. I don't vote to FF unless the game is tremendously skewed, like 20+ kill difference, and we're getting our inhibs attacked at minute 20. I don't know exactly what it is that causes this. I do occasionally have games which go longer (to 30 or 40 minutes) but they are not the majority of games. I want to get full build, I literally build the same 1-2 items every game because those are my champ's core and the game doesn't get long enough to try anything else. It's also a total crapshoot whether I will actually get to "express my skill" or not. I cannot solo carry every game, nor could I expect to. The system is supposed to match me with 9 others of equal skill right? So I cannot fathom actually solo carrying on a consistent basis, unless I get much better than I currently am, or I switch to a more 1v9 champ.

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