3 times i have gotten into my promos for platnum

in my first season i had 2 games where one of my teammates trolled and i lost my series ( ashe support in one) In my second season my last game i had another troll support (janna roamed around the entire map at level 6. then after feeding continuously warded the base) In my last season i had an afk in my first game and lost. then again in my second. 3 times i have gotten in my promos because I fucking deserve this shit, but without fail every single time MY TEAM (not me) has made me come short of MY victory. Ranked has always sucked even before DQ. Lets be honest. Winning or losing games according to riot determines how good a player is. This is complete bullshit. A support player is never going to carry a game its just barely possible for starters. Secondly games where players troll. Trolls are everywhere in every league. Theres no way to get rid of them. But due to their teammates carrying them they have escaped bronze, or they boost.

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