You Really Thought Nerfing The Jungle Was The Solution

Seriously what is wrong with the people that balance this game. I tell myself I won't ever complain and just take what changes come my way but come on. Just had the enemy mid laner single-handedly steal my blue leash and then one shot me as I try to take Gromp and steals that too. As if it isn't already so hard to keep up with laners in experience and you end up taking forever to get to level 6 just for that ult and by the time you do the top and mid laners are level 9 and 10. Thank you for continuing to nerf what doesn't need to be nerfed. Maybe if laners don't want so much jungle interference early they shouldn't extend their enemy laner into their turret and leave themselves vulnerable. Scuttle crabs don't even give much exp with the buff they were given. Another thing people could do to decrease their chances of getting ganked a control ward. It's only 75 gold for one. And it doesn't just help the laner, it helps the whole team. But whatever. Thanks Riot, you really make sense.
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