Riot, if you want to make this the REAL original URF, you gotta bring back the Revive spell

So I always hear a lot of people on the forums discuss how only the original URF was fun and how all copycat URF modes are a pale imitation. Little do these people know that the true original URF, the only one my group of friends found fun, shared the original release with what is widely known as the "true URF." This version of URF sits in the shadows of its successor. I am speaking, of course, about URF on release when Revive was still in the game. Revive/teleport on 60 second cooldown and everyone running around the map spamming spells with no fear of their lives was the most fun experience I think I've ever had on an alternate game mode. Just something to think about, Riot. You deleted Revive from the game during the original URF event because you "ran out of stock" or something along those lines as the justification, now is your chance to make it all right by bringing back Revive in the original URF relaunch.
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