Teemo Gameplay update

Have some idea to make teemo kit a little bit better in the current game: ---------------- **Passive: Guerrilla Warfare ** _Camuflague:_ Teemo can become shealth and move through brushes without being seen _Forager:_ Teemo can go around the map finding a variety of mushroom to coat his dart in poison to give them additionally effect after applying 6 stack on the enemy. 15sec cooldown 1. Blue Mushroom: Reduce movement speed by 50% for 2 2. Yellow Mushroom: Apply near sight for 2sec 3. Red Mushroom: Increase damage by 10% for 3sec Your Q ability apply 2 stack and your ultimate 3 stack -------------- **W: Move Quick** Passive: Same has his old **Active(new):** Teemo can dash to a location and gain a 50% increase in movement speed for 3sec. Can dash over small walls.

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