Possible unique interactions with stacking conqueror ideas for some champions.

Hi, I'm writing this post for possible unique interactions in stacking conqueror for some champions. I would like to hear your thoughts on these suggestions. {{champion:122}} Hemorrhage would add a stack/refresh conqueror but only once every 5 seconds. This means you can't auto a champion and let the bleed fully stack conqueror for you. Side note: if this does happen it might need to occur for other champions with a DoT passive applied through autos(but not spell DoTs) to stack once every 5 seconds. Examples being {{champion:41}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:29}} . {{champion:86}} His E, the spin move, if he is only spinning on a single target could stack with each tick then. My reasoning is his E does more damage if he is only spinning on one target so it could potentially be made to work as single target then. I feel conqueror could be good on Garen but he has trouble stacking it, especially later in the game during teamfights. {{champion:104}} Please don't crucify me for this guy. I don't know if it currently already works like this but what if he stacked conqueror the same way he can stack {{item:3071}} as if each bullet counted as a single auto. I don't know if it already works like this and I realize this would be a buff, please don't crucify me on this one. These are just some champions I thought of who could have unique interactions with stacking conqueror. I feel they could use conqueror better if they could stack it easier seeing as how some of the best users of conqueror can get 5 stacks crazy fast. Thoughts?
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