I actually want Vayne to be nerfed, but...

...I am getting tired of the boards being spammed with "Nerf Vayne" threads. I mean, is she so stupidly OP, Pre-Rework Kassadin/v4.20 Warwick/pre-hotfix Skarner level of brokeness? If she was that powerful she would already been hotfixed a long time ago, you don't need to create numerous "Nerf Vayne" threads, this is getting extremely boring because I actually want to see discussions of other champions that need to be discussed. For example, I always go to the boards expecting a thread about Kha'Zix changes, as he desperately need them, and then I get disappointed as I run into "Nerf Vayne" threads. Does she needs nerfs? On my opinion yes. She gets her powerspike too early and it is impossible to out-trade her currently. Does that mean Riot doesn't already acknowledge that? No. They are probably waiting for the Marksman update before doing any changes to her. Does that mean you should spam the boards with "Nerf Vayne" threads? Hell, no!
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