nice riot, good job, well done!

omfg im so excited for the Aatrox nerf!! :DDD its gonna be so coollll finally riot is nerfing my main to the fkin ground and destroying it completely :D 3 nerfs riot, more pls? wtf, he is weak af in late game, he is very killable, and squishy. i dont get it, what aatrox is? a fkin weak fighter? i can do one FKIN Q combo in ult form!!!! (1.5 Q's in the good case lel) its not fkin normal, the enemies kill me easily, if if someone who plays aatrox with 25/2 stats he wont carry XD i know that he is "very" strong on early game, but why he cant carry xdd i have 311k mastery point with aa, and im 0 with it, not me, the champ. RIOT WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!
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