Teach Me How To Auto-Attack

I am really bad at this game. Mostly because I'm too much of a sissy to play proper Rift and instead play ARAM and bots. But mostly because I'm just bad. --- However, I've come to realize that my shittiness is particularly clear when I'm playing champions that focus heavily on auto-attacking, so most marksmen (I do okay with Corki and Jhin) and various divers and skirmishers (Jax, Olaf, etc.). I just can't seem to get an auto-attack champion to flow properly. The games where things go well tend to feel more like my team is doing well and I get carried to a decent score. As a ranged character it feels difficult to get in more than one or two attacks. As soon as I step into range I have to retreat due to enemy spells or divers. As melee just getting close to the enemy is a nightmare in and of itself. The most common advice I see is to wait until the initial clash has settled down, but then I'm not actually helping my team and they get killed. I feel like I'm just spewing nonsense. But seriously. Teach me how to auto-attack.
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