I am giving up Katarina.

I have been a Katarina main for half a year now, which is when I started playing. I hit gold III with her within the last month, and I love her every bit! That complex kit, the high skill floor as well as the high skill ceiling, and the outplay potential her kit brings, everything! (I'd be lying if I said I don't love her hentai but if you guys aren't watching lol for it's hentai you'll aren't milking the game for what it's worth {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}). As a Katarina main myself who has played over a thousand games with her, opponents who don't commit blatant mistakes every other second make Katarina's laning miserable and force her to look for roams. I so happen to come across teams often where the bot laners just wouldn't try to freeze the wave and leave no room for roams other than potential turret diving. But I love roaming. I love creating pressure on the map, and I also love taking turrets and being able to auto attack people to death. Katarina's kit is so shit right now it's either exploit the opponent's mistakes or go bot where your second home is. So I decided to try {{champion:91}}. Now I hate to say goodbye to my favourite champion in all of League of Legends. {{champion:55}} was one of the first complex champs I had played and it took me ages to get a grip on her, and even longer to start to play well with her to the point where I hit gold III on my second account. I had fallen in love with her kit the moment I started playing her. However today, I decided to play a champion who does more than Kata, and I was tired of Zed mains having to put in half the effort as Katarina does in order to reap the same benefits, so I tried to play Talon instead as I love doing good damage, as well as keep up with the roaming skills I had learnt from playing Katarina. I am not even surprised that this guy - 1. Bursts down targets faster. 2. Takes turrets easier. 3. Gets **negative** armour on mages and many marksmen with just 2 fucking items, 4. And can still sit there auto attacking people to death. Compared to this guy and Zed, Katarina doesn't even feel like a real assassin. Katarina takes ages to kill someone and still can't keep up the sustained damage despite how long she takes to burst people down. Her turret taking capability doesn't exist, and her ultimate while strong can be walked away from. I've been playing Talon in ranked and 3 matches in, I got to silver after the placements in my new account. Be looking forward to hitting plat soon. I will play Katarina again should they decide to make her less dependant on gunblade and fix the issue with her, in that she only does well at punishing the mistakes of opponents but outside that can't do jackshit. I never have trouble playing against a Katarina and I doubt any sensible player does. Until then, thanks for reading and good luck to every Katarina main who still keeps up with playing her. She's more fun to play than ANY other champion in the game and definitely has a very unique kit {{sticker:katarina-love}} .
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