wtf is is with the "shaco" shitposts, he has a 51-54% winrate... in EVERY ELO

pick a champ that donest have a 51-54% winrate in every elo to complain about go to the top right corner... pick an elo.. {{champion:35}} doesn't go below 51% IN ANY OF THEM. i have literally NEVER seen ANY group of champion mains that complained about wanting buffs at above 51% as much as shaco. who ALREADY has hand down the most toxic kit in the game to deal with.. which is now ever WORSE because junglers can no longer get {{item:3364}} without COMPLETLY dropping thier ability to ward. maybe there are some shaco mains, who arn't complete assholes. who arn't asking for buffs to a champ that is actually balanced. and even in his balanced state a nightmare for your opponent to deal with.. but those arn't the people i see on the forums.

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