PSA: Your setup to fail in Promos - Random fact might make you feel better.

I keep seeing dozens of threads popping up about "Bad team-mates" in promos and how it seems your constantly at a disadvantage the moment you hit one. Well, spoilers you're not wrong - this was confirmed a long time ago by a Red. >Promos will always be hard to win - the point of promos is to prove that you deserve to be in a higher tier/division. You aren't going to get matched with the best teammates against crappy enemies. You'll be matched with people around your skill, and matched against people of the skill you're trying to promote into (at least that's the idea). Wonder why the enemy team always seems to be better? Well, the systems designed to give you an unmatched game in promos. They want you to prove you can carry a "lesser team". It's shitty, but I feel people need to understand why they often get a 1-10 in promos. Rather then blaming the mismatched players, blame the system instead.
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