A buff I feel melee champs need

so as of late, it has been fairly easily seen, marksman typically decide the game....now something i have really noticed....melee champs struggle to AA a lot in this meta....why....because everyone and their mother has some form of mobility...whether it simply be movespeed increase, such as kai sa E, micro dash, such as vanye Q or blink such as ezreal E....most champs in this meta have some...now what does this mean for melee champs...well what it means is they struggle to output their dmg...at all...all you have to do is walk away from champs such as udyr and warwick and their kinda shit outta luck...yes warwick can delay you a bit with his E and cling a bit with his Q...but thats really his only opening...now what i would like to propose...is a buff, allowing melee champs to move while AAing (although at a slower pace...say they self slow by 25% when doing so or something) as i truly feel it might finally balance out the strengths/weaknesses of ranged vs melee....)
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