So Riot is considering Assassins for the next class update...

Red Post Collection: Riot Pls on Sandbox & Dynamic Queue, MYMU in 6.9, LotPK on Friday, Taric Q&A, and more!
Tonight's red post collection includes a new Riot Pls discussing a potential Sandbox mode and the current state of Dynamic Queue, noting the MYMU is planned for 6.9, a reminder that Legend of the Poro King returns Friday in the Rotating Game Mode Queue, the Taric Q&A, and more!
So I thought I'd go ahead and start a discussion on who everyone might consider a possible candidate for the gameplay update that five or so champs would be getting with this update. And please don't just point at a champion and say to nerf them. Give a reasonable explanation for an issue you see in their kit and if you have on an idea on how you think Riot could fix said champion. Also note I'm talking about primary assassin champions, not those with assassin as their secondary. So for those that may want to hijack the thread to complain about {{champion:157}}, sorry, but he's a fighter lol. Personally my top pick would have to be Evelynn.{{champion:28}} I've always felt that her stealth warps her kit and forces Riot to keep other aspects of her weak just so they can preserve that super-stealth. I think if Riot could make her stealth more situational and less about just voiding wards, they could afford to put more actual burst in her kit and actually let her assassinate people again.
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