Can I complain about how weak Sona is now, that she has a 47% win rate?

Title kind of explains it all. Sona is in a bad place right now. Her win rate has dropped hard, and is now below "acceptable" variation +/- 1-2% of 50% win rate. Her pick rate is WAY down, just hair under 3%, leaving her right near the bottom of the 36 "supports" 11 of which are very off meta supports like {{champion:48}} or {{champion:9}} . Sona needs a better early game. Sure a lot of supports have a below 50% win rate in the 0-25 time frame, that said they still usually manage a 47-48% win rate (not amazing but within acceptable variation). Sona current has a 38.6% win rate in that time frame. The only "support" champions that Sona has a higher win rate then in that time frame are {{champion:17}} and {{champion:142}} . She is garbage and more often then not a liability for her team in the early game to mid game. Even when you look at games that go longer, an increasingly rare thing as damage creep grows, her win rate never spikes too hard. Many of the champions who had below 50% win rates before 25 mins, also have their win rate scale up as games go longer, so lets not use the "well she gets better later in the game" argument here.
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