Why does marksmen/ADC have the cheapest itemization in the game??

When they also scale the hardest into late game?? How does that make sense at all Literally everyone has to make their ''play'' before they come online because they outscale you But they barely need xp to scale at all they mostly need items and they get the cheapest items what the actual fuck Meanwhile fighters get the most expensive itemization followed by mages and tanks Tanks are also bad off since their item value gets cut in halve later into the game since every derpmonkey has penetration and % damage and fighters suffer from this as well And people wonder why whoever has the better botlane meta exists This is just pure stupid I wonder when the 3 supports with 2 adc's botlane meta comes around You know, since you don't even need an actual income to get an adc corebuild anyway you can do it on a support budget ez pz
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