Just remove Critical Strike Chance from the game.

Or at the very least make it a Unique Passive shared by {{item:3046}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} I think Critical Strike is an unhealthy gameplay element in my personal opinion, but i still enjoy certain games/characters who have access to it. Dota is a good example, but it's also filled with tons of other RNG besides crit. If i could have my way, i would rework Critical Strike into a Unique Passive on the 3 items above at a fixed 20% proc chance, while buffing those item's individual effects and remove Infinity Edge from the game (with some changes to Stormrazor/Hurricane) As well as reworking Yasuo's passive to, say, giving all of his abilities a passive % chance to Critically Strike for bonus damage scaling with his level (lower than base crit under level 8, higher than base crit over level 9)
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