Bot lane has turned so stressful and so cheese to play, doesn't even feel competitive

I'm not high elo but I have been a adc main since season 5 and nearly every game of league I have ever played of league has been bot lane. I have enough experience in this lane to say that over time this lane has changed from a more competitive and tense competition between adc and adc with supports pressuring each other into which duo picked a mage bot lane who can spam the most damaging, low cd, and lowest mana cost spells and prevent the enemy bot lane from actually playing the game. Mages have so much power that they really drown out the skill of both bot laners, its like the adc who doesn't have a mage support can't even play the game and the adc with a mage support isn't actually doing anything skill full to win. The adc that does not have the mage supporting them in bot lane gets pushed under tower struggling to cs and survive, its almost impossible to even stay in the same lane being pressured everytime you walk up to cs. Supports like {{champion:99}} ,{{champion:63}} , {{champion:161}} ,{{champion:518}} , and {{champion:101}} are doing immense amounts of damage with little to no risk of being pressured especially when the enemy bans {{champion:53}} or {{champion:412}} with their 1 opportunity 10 sec cd hook. The lane instead of being anyway competitive is now people throwing mindless high damaging skill shots preventing the adc from being able to farm entirely by poking then zoning them from cs or straight up causing them to back. You don't really get to see the differences in actual skill between the adc's until after the lane is over. Playing a lane against {{champion:51}} and {{champion:99}} or {{champion:63}} is literally almost impossible to play in without being down 30+ cs. You can't even walk up to cs without losing 1/4th of your hp. Playing games with {{champion:12}} Vs {{champion:89}} are so much more enjoyable, tense, and competitive rather than your {{champion:412}} vs their {{champion:99}} . Take mages out of bot lane please or buff the early magic resistance of adcs or maybe even give them an early item that gives them mr. Mages are ruining this lane.
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